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Aug 27th, 2020 by Admin

Waste Reduction Strategies For Your Business

Does your organization produce a lot of waste along with the products? Waste reduction does not only help in saving money but also represents your industry’s leadership qualities and contribution towards the environment. Reduced waste means less pollution and can be looked upon as an effective measure of reducing global warming.

Our world could have been a better place if those who came before us paid attention to industrial waste’s effects on nature. But it is not too late for us to change our business practices and adopt waste reduction strategies to contribute to a healthier future.

What is Zero Waste?


Zero waste is a manner of lifestyle to reduce the amount of resources wasted. Zero waste lifestyle has an impact on all areas of the environment. No waste will lead to less extraction of resources and reduce the number of materials disposed of and the pollution caused by production, transportation, and waste disposal.

It is often presented that zero waste is not feasible for everyone, but it cannot be excused. You can take simple steps towards reducing waste. Follow the 5Rs so that you can minimize wastage and maximize productivity at work. The 5Rs are as follows: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Repair.

Why is Waste Reduction so Important?

We are all aware of the hazardous effects of different kinds of waste like industrial waste, kitchen waste, etc. in our environment. There have been many movements and awareness rallies all over the globe to tell people the importance of waste reduction.

By reducing the waste you can save a considerable amount of money and utilize it to grow your business along with conserving resources due to reduction in extraction processes like mining. Additionally, waste reduction has a positive impact on our environment.

Waste Reduction Strategies


We can not eliminate waste from our personal and professional life and achieving 100% efficiency is almost impossible, but we can reduce the production of waste or utilize the waste produced.

Following are listed a few strategies for your business which you can implement to reduce waste

1. Compost

A lot of industries produce Organic Waste and it all goes to dump. Instead of dumping these types of waste, you can generate compost from organic waste and sell it to farming companies. Also, this reduces your waste disposal fees significantly. Many companies in developed countries use this technique to save money, reduce waste, and generate profits. You can try composting and give yourself a chance to feel better about helping the world heal.

2. Ditch Bottled Water

You might not believe it, but a huge percentage of office waste comes from empty water bottled. These bottles take a very long time to decompose in landfills. Additionally, bottled water costs 2000 times the tap water. Eliminate the use of bottled water in your company and replace it with water filters and paper glasses. Imagine the amount you will save from it and the contribution you make to the environment.

3. Packaging Waste

In developed countries, about one-third of waste is from packaging materials. Use reusable plastic shipping containers instead of cardboard boxes. This will help you in reducing waste worth a fortune. This simple change in the packaging materials helped Pepsi save 44 Million Dollars.

4. Feed animals with Food Waste

Some farms offer you the service to pick up the food leftovers to feed it to animals, mostly pigs. If you own a restaurant or grocery store, you can use this strategy and save up to 50 percent compared to dumping it into a landfill. With this, you take a very progressive step towards fighting food shortage.

5. Reduce the Use of Paper

Technology has now given us better alternatives to paper. Reduce the use of paper for memos, planners, and notices as much as possible in your office and replace it with digital devices. The cost of gadgets will be covered by the money saved from printing and waste disposal. With this, you will save a considerable amount of money and save a large number of trees which would have been cut for the paper you use.

6. Get Rid of E-waste every day

Electronic waste has been proven to be extremely hazardous to health. Place a bin in the office where your employees can get rid of their electronic waste. Further, sell this e-waste to a certified vendor who will recycle it. Make sure your vendor is actually recycling in and not selling it overseas.

7. Manage the Bins

Do a frequent audit of your facility to check if the bins are properly maintained and used. Keep Separate bins for recyclable and non-recyclable waste and make sure they are placed at every corner to make them accessible to the employees. Also, keep an eye on how frequently the bins are picked up to save additional money.

8. Keep records of Waste

It is next to impossible to manage waste if you do not keep a record of waste produced in your company. Get the statistics of waste produced from the hauler and calculate the average of waste produced per person. Share the results with your employees and challenge them to reduce it for the sake of the environment. Make use of the EPA’s Waste Reduction Model “WARM” to calculate the effects of your efforts by measuring the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions according to the waste reduction.

Waste reduction is a pressing priority to save our environment. Various activists and enterprises are working on getting rid of plastic wastes from our seas and landfills.

About Plastic Collectors: Plastic Collectors is a team working towards saving our mother Earth from plastic waste. We encourage everyone to reduce plastic waste and help the below poverty line people with the money they get from collecting plastic. If, along with nature, you can save money in your business, why not take this pathway where everyone can benefit. Click here to join the cause or learn more about how you can help.

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