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Jul 11th, 2021 by Admin

10 alternative for plastic items for everyday use

Plastic is a widely utilized material that can be found almost anywhere. But the most dangerous thing about plastic is that it is harmful to the environment. It has unimaginable consequences. It is our responsibility as human beings to preserve mother nature and refrain from damaging it. Perhaps a plastic-free lifestyle is hard to achieve. However, some alternatives can reduce the negative impact on the environment caused due to plastic. 

Why is a plastic-free environment a necessity? 

Plastic materials are non-biodegradable. As a result, they are the highest contributors to the pollution of soil, water, and air. A plastic-free environment is a necessity in the modern world to sustain future generations. Apart from this, a plastic-free environment has multiple benefits. What are the advantages of reducing the usage of plastic? 

Low CO2 Emissions 

Plastic materials tend to emit carbon dioxide, particularly when transporting, disposing, and recycling them. The usage of fewer plastic items can directly reduce such factors and make the environment a healthy breathable place.  

Usage of natural resources 

Plastic production involves natural resources such as water, oil, natural gas, and coal. Natural resources are non-renewable and reducing the production of plastic can contribute to a sustainable environment without deteriorating the natural resources. 



Plastic products contribute to 80 percent of marine debris. The pollution caused due to plastic materials can significantly decrease through the avoidance of them. 


Reusable items save more money compared to those that are of single-time use. Apart from this, plastic production uses natural resources making it one of the costly production industries. The reduction of plastic products can directly make it more cost-efficient for both producers and consumers. 

Saves habitat 

Plastic chemicals are toxic and can cause a variety of health problems. Thousands of animals are killed through the digestion and consumption of plastic waste. It is essential to reduce the amount of plastic used to avoid a deterioration of natural habitats. 

What are 10 plastic-free alternatives for everyday use?

1. Bamboo toothbrushes 

 bamboo tooth brush

Toothbrushes are disposable items that must be replaced every few months. The frequent disposal of toothbrushes makes them a threat to the environment. It takes around 400 years for them to decompose, and burning them is not an option as they release toxic chemicals. Switching to a bamboo toothbrush can save you from using too much plastic while also contributing to an eco-friendly environment. 

2. Stainless steel bottles 

stainless steel bottles

Steel bottles are the best alternative to harmful chemicals that are released through the use of plastic products. Apart from this, steel bottles are highly durable and reusable. They are easily available in the market for affordable prices. Usage of steel bottles can improve the state of our surroundings by reducing the disposal of plastic bottles that contribute to high rates of pollution. 

3. Eco-friendly tumblers 

eco-friendly tumblers

Tumblers may have a silicone lid or plastic tops, but they are still more environmentally friendly than cups made entirely of plastic. Eco-friendly tumblers are the best options for beverages such as coffee, tea, and juices. 

4. Menstrual cups 

menstrual cup

Sanitary napkins are plastic products, the amount of these napkins used by all the women around the world is unimaginable. They are one of the highest contributors for plastic waste. A menstrual cup is a reusable and eco-friendly product. Apart from this, women claim that menstrual cups are highly convenient compared to tampons or sanitary napkins. 

5. Cloth diapers 

cloth diapers

Normal diapers include a high quantity of plastic composition. Cloth diapers are the best option for babies as they are soft, comfortable and chemical free. Apart from this, usage of plastic diapers and their disposal is significantly reduced. 

6. Reusable shopping bags 

Reusable shopping bags 

Plastic ban has significantly improved the reduction of plastic usage. However, some stores still use plastic bags. Keeping a cloth or paper bag in handy while going to the grocery store can contribute to the overall improvement of an eco friendly-environment. 

7. Compostable garbage bags

Compostable garbage bags

Plastic covers are the most opted sources for garbage bags particularly because they hold a lot of garbage. However, compostable garbage bags are the best alternative for plastic bags. Apart from this, compostable garbage bags are readily available on the market at reasonable prices, making them a better alternative than spending a lot more on plastic garbage bags. 

8. Eco-friendly cutlery 

Eco-friendly cutlery

Stainless steel spoons may not be the ideal solution, especially when disposable products are required, such as at picnics. Wooden spoons and other eco-friendly cutlery are the best alternatives to plastic and stainless steel cutlery. Bamboo cups and plates are another option for eco-friendly disposable products. 

9. Reusable straws 

Reusable straws

Another most widely used plastic product is straws. A lot of restaurants initially used plastic straws. However, now paper straws have become a popular option. Reusable straws can save you from spending too much money on plastic straws. Apart from this, they are also environmentally friendly and can be disposed of easily without a concern. 

10. Beeswax wraps 

Beeswax wraps

Cling wraps are commonly used products especially for disposable purposes. Beeswax wraps are an alternative to plastic cling wraps. When compared to cling wraps, beeswax wraps are more expensive. However, it is preferable to choose pricey environmentally friendly products over products that are dangerous to the environment. 

Alternatives to plastic that are more environmentally friendly can considerably improve the state of our vicinity. We must make this a better place to live for ourselves and future generations, and avoiding plastic can assist in maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. They also allow us to save nonrenewable resources. Every product we use has an alternative, and the best plastic alternatives can help you contribute to a healthy, eco-friendly environment.

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