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A simple and effective system

We will establish collection points around the world

and will focus on the crowd.


We have developed a simple but effective system based on three parts

  • Container based manually operated collection stations.
  • Effective transportation logistics of containers to recycle plants.
  • A telephone app based system to allow for immediate compensation to the plastic waste collectors.
Girl collecting plastic from the beach

And how we achieve it

  • Plastic collectors offers reliable premiums for plastic waste above the market price and thus a strong incentive for raw material suppliers.
  • They can then exchange the raw material for money, everyday items or services. some will even be able to send their children to school.
  • For the poorest of the world, a ladder of opportunity will be created that will give them access to a better life.
  • At the same time, more and more plastic waste is prevented from entering the oceans.
  • Plastic collectors will offer local entrepreneurs the opportunity to open minimarkets for those in need where plastic waste is accepted as a means of payment.
  • Plastic collected through plastic collectors is recycled into new plastic products, into oil or the plastic cut be burned.

Blockchain, bitcoin and crypto currencies

  •  Plastic collectors will use blockchain technology!
  • Developed in cooperation with bitcoin in 2008, versatile today
  • Distributed ledger technology – oversized cash book, counterfeit-proof on countless computers worldwide distributed
  • Permanent storage of various values and data from the fields of: real estate, health, logistics, raw materials, contracts etc. and of course also about collected plastic waste and the consideration paid for it.

There is no need for it to be cash

Often it is the poorest women and children who collect plastic and who are immediately deprived of cash when they get their hands on it.

That’s why we’re introducing the plastic collectors token!

Access to technology – electricity – innovation

The plastic collectors plan has what it takes to become a worldwide movement, if not a revolution. but the amount of plastic waste that needs to be combated is about 8 million tons per year.

A long way to the goal. in the focus of the founders: third world and emerging countries that do not have a functioning waste supply.

How will we solve the problem?

  • Plastic collectors wants to get many people to do something about the constant plastic consumption.
  • We will build plastic collector stations all over the world where they are most needed.
  • We also want to reward many people for collecting plastic from beaches, rivers and the sea.
  • Creating jobs in emerging markets and cleaning up the environment
  • By participating in our charitable project, you help hundreds of men and women and children out of poverty into a better and cleaner life.

You can become part of the solution!!!

  • First of all you should start with yourself
  • An important and relatively easy to remember rule for plastics is the 3-r rule, which stands for reduce, re-use and recycle.
Plastic collectors volunteer

The value of plastic

Plastic collectors will establish collection points around the world and will focus on the crowd.

People can exchange the collected bottles, plastic containers and bags at plastic collectors for electricity for mobile phones, internet use, food, medical aid or even cash.

With this exchange, the founders want to raise awareness of the value of plastic. at the same time, collecting plastic offers a perspective for people with a very low standard of living.

Join our mission

You can help the environment and us by becoming a Plastic Collector Investor, allowing your investments to have a chance of growing in value whilst the world becomes cleaner.

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You can Help the Environment by Becoming a Plastic Collector Investor.

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People who collect plastic are important raw material suppliers.