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PC Tokens Packages

Please assist us in funding our efforts to reduce the plastic waste situation which is plaguing our planet.

We do that by also reducing poverty and letting people make enough money to feed their families in some of the poorest areas of the world.

Invest in our PC Tokens and you can end up making money as well, as the PC Tokens will hold a monetary value which will increase as the Plastic Collectors’ business grows.

PC Team is giving away 6 PC Tokens for FREE to the first 10,000 people who will Join us. Hurry up to grab our offer now!

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PC Tokens

€10 – 10 PC Tokens

PC Tokens

€25 – 25 PC Tokens

PC Tokens

€50 – 50 PC Tokens

PC Tokens

€100 – 100 PC Tokens

Plus 5% 5 Tokens Bonus

Total 105 PC Tokens

PC Tokens

€250 – 250 PC Tokens

Plus 7.5% 18 Tokens Bonus

Total 268 PC Tokens

PC Tokens

€500 – 500 PC Tokens

Plus 10% 50 Tokens Bonus

Total 550 PC Tokens

PC Tokens

€1000 – 1000 PC Tokens

Plus 12.5% 125 Tokens Bonus

Total 1.125 PC Tokens

PC Tokens

€2500 – 2500 PC Tokens

Plus 15% 375 Tokens Bonus

Total 2.875 PC Tokens

PC Tokens

€5000 – 5000 PC Tokens

Plus 20% 1000 Tokens Bonus

Total 6.000 PC Tokens

Token Value

Our goal is to establish a token value by the end of the initial 24 month development stage by adding the token to a public exchange. As part of this we will increase the token value in line with the following table

First 6 months

1 Token


Months 12

1 Token


Months 18

1 Token


Months 24

1 Token


After 24 months we should be listed on an exchange where the price is regulated by offer and request.

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You can help the environment and us by becoming a Plastic Collector Investor, allowing your investments to have a chance of growing in value whilst the world becomes cleaner.

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People who collect plastic are important raw material suppliers.

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