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About us

We have developed a simple system to reward

people collecting plastic waste

Our ambitious goal

We’re not asking for much … just a wholesale reduction of Plastic Waste and Poverty at the same time.

Our goal is simple … to have one billion people collecting plastic, and in turn converting their efforts into money to improve the quality of life of some of our poorest people, especially in areas where poverty and pollution from plastic waste are particularly high.


Clean world

For a clean world

As the name implies, Plastic Collector unites people to clean up the environment and receive bonuses for collected plastic

Plastic waste has a real value, which can drive recycling ecosystems around the world and prevent plastic from finding its way into land fill and our oceans. At the same time Plastic Collectors helps people in poverty to build a better future for themselves and their community.


Join our mission

You can help the environment and us by becoming a Plastic Collector Investor, allowing your investments to have a chance of growing in value whilst the world becomes cleaner.

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You can become part of the solution by Starting With Yourself.

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You can Help the Environment by Becoming a Plastic Collector Investor.

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People who collect plastic are important raw material suppliers.