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May 12th, 2021 by Admin

Brazil’s Amazon Deforestation Hits Record High in April

As per reports, Amazon deforestation in Brazil during April was the highest in the last five years for that month. This is surprising, especially after Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro’s pledge that his government is determined to invest more resources for limiting deforestation. There has been a 43% increase in deforestation compared to April 2020. These statistics have been provided by the government’s Deter monitoring system that uses satellite images to give deforestation alerts.

The President reaffirmed at the climate summit led by the US that he was eager to stop deforestation but was in need of outside financial help for the purpose. But, the world is closely monitoring Bolsonaro since he had previously declared that there was a necessity to tap Amazon’s resources. He had opposed European leaders who were in favour of protecting the rainforest.

The reports about April’s Amazon deforestation are disturbing since they show that unlawful forest activities are increasing.

Amazon Deforestation and its Effects on the Environment

Deforestation is a serious environmental issue today globally. It is brought about by uncontrolled human activities and natural causes like forest fires or disease to trees caused by parasites.

Massive deforestation has a negative impact on the climate, natural ecosystems, and biodiversity. Studies reveal that most of the deforestation is a result of agriculture expansion. Other reasons include mining activities and the construction of dams or roads.

These are the main effects of deforestation:

1. On Biodiversity

Deforestation negatively impacts biodiversity. Forests are home to different species of animals, plants, insects, mammals, and birds. When people destroy forests, they create natural imbalances, endangering the survival of animals and plants.

2. On Local People

Most of the local people depend on forests for their livelihood. Their main source of food comes from forests, and they procure their raw materials for their small businesses from these forests. When these forests are exploited for businesses and other purposes, the livelihood of the locals gets affected.

3. Climate Change

Deforestation is also a big contributor to climate change. Trees store a lot of carbon dioxide, and when large numbers of trees are cut, they send back the CO2 into the environment. With the decreasing forest cover, there will also be lesser trees to absorb the CO2 from the atmosphere.

amazon deforestation april

The Significance of Amazon’s Rainforests

Amazon’s rainforests are rich in natural resources, which are vital not only for the local community but also for the entire world. With the continued deforestation, we are in danger of losing this vast resource that means a lot to future generations.
A brief look at the natural resources in Amazon will provide a clearer picture.

Natural resources in Amazon

  • Peru is abundant in gold, silver, copper, zinc, and tin. However, unregulated mining activity and dumping of mercury into the Amazon have been the cause of great worry.
  • The great Amazon river is a significant source of freshwater needed for agriculture, food, and other purposes. The water is home to thousands of species of fish and other marine life. Potentially, Amazon deforestation is a huge threat to the water cycle balance in the region.
  • Amazon is also rich in plant species that are recognized for their medicinal value. They are used to treat diseases like malaria and are even believed to have anti-cancer properties.
  • The Amazon rainforest is believed to contribute about 20% of the earth’s oxygen. The forests also take in a lot of the carbon dioxide emitted by human activities. By destroying the forests, we are in danger of losing our best weapon against climate change.
  • The region is also a great supplier of food, such as coffee, bananas, tomatoes, potatoes, and black pepper, to other parts of the world.

Destruction of forests can heavily impact human lives and the environment in the coming years. The world needs to come together to create laws and policies to protect forested areas like the Amazon. The latest statistics concerning Brazil are alarming, indicating an urgent need to curb Amazon deforestation to preserve the forest’s natural resources.

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