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Aug 6th, 2020 by Admin

A Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Living

Want to make the world a better place by practicing sustainable living? Wait! Isn’t it about environmental policies and international laws to protect the environment? Yes, it is! But as individuals, we play an indispensable role too!

Simple decisions in your daily life – what to consume, what to use, where to work, what to clean, and other small decisions-create an impact on the environment.

It’s our chance to survive and thrive together and return our Mother Earth everything back that we took away from her. It is not only about the environment; it is about being a responsible individual!

Here is the complete sustainable living guide that will help you and your family with a better life.

What is Sustainable Living?

In a nutshell, Sustainable living is all about reducing or minimizing the use of Earth’s natural resources to make positive changes that will counteract the climatic and negative environmental changes. It is about choosing a simpler lifestyle, reducing carbon footprints and incorporating eco-friendly principles and practices.

It is about a healthier lifestyle and being an active part of the cycle of life.

Did you know because of our unchecked environmental behavior the average temperature of Earth has increased by 0.8° Celsius? If we don’t check our “carbon imprints” now, we, human beings are slowly progressing towards the doom.

Why Choose a Sustainable Life?


The reason to choose sustainable life is simple and straight-forward! If we don’t embrace a sustainable lifestyle, then we are causing damage to our ecosystem that will be beyond repair.

Here are a few of the reasons to choose a sustainable lifestyle.

1. Chemistry and cleaning

We don’t realize that chemicals are not only harmful to our planet but are lethal for the body as well. They contain certain toxins that are perilous to individual health and life. Along with it, chemicals also contribute to environmental pollution. How? Because chemicals we use in daily life end up in the water supply, poisoning and polluting the water and disturbing the ecosystem.

2. Industry and Technology

The old method of farming has been replaced by corporate models. Pesticides and chemical fertilizers are common for harvesting crops. Not only that, but the equipment that is used to harvest crops and plants is fueled by burning fossil fuels, which are bleeding dry.

When thinking about sustainability, we must consider how the resources of Earth are being made because it ultimately affects the environment.

3. Breathe healthy

We all know how polluted the air in our surroundings is! Adopting a sustainable lifestyle will not only make the air clean and healthy for us to breathe but will also reduce our dependence on many non-renewable reserves of the earth.

4. Financial Relief

Sustainable living can help you save a lot of your money. Imagine a life where you grow your own natural crops, use natural man-made things, recycle and reuse- life will be in a budget. These measures will also have long-term advantages over the economic resources and development of the world.

5. Peace of mind

Last but not the least, a sustainable lifestyle will bring peace and mindfulness into your life. It will automatically elevate your mood and your lifestyle and you will feel a certain sense of accomplishment and responsibility towards Mother Earth.

An ethical lifestyle will become more important than a luxurious lifestyle. You will start caring about the environment and people and it will lit a sense of togetherness. Most importantly, we don’t want our future generations to grow in this polluted environment, So you are creating a space and tradition for them to live a healthy life.

Sustainable Living Tips


It’s high time for us to realize the importance of sustainable living. Here are a few sustainable living tips that will benefit you to the utmost.

1. Get educated

The first step towards adopting sustainable living is by educating yourself. Understand how your habits and behaviors feed into this problem. Consider how the elected officials are responsible for environmental protection. Armed with these pieces of information and understanding, you will be heading towards a better future with a better understanding.

2. Limit waste

We all know how much the world is struggling to manage wastes. Start off your sustainable lifestyle journey by cutting down on biodegradable waste. Replace plastic, straws, cutlery, water bottles with reusable alternatives like stainless steel, cotton, bamboo, and eco-friendly materials.

Support companies that keep their packaging minimum and make sure you take steps to reduce the amount of packaging wastage.

3. Limit Atmospheric Emissions

Being mindful of what’s being released to the atmospheric levels is as equally important as checking on discarded material on the Earth’s surface. The atmospheric emissions of CO2 are a major reason for the polluted environment.

Airplanes are the major source of emissions in the atmosphere. Limit your flights and instead travel by sea (land). Shop locally and eat foods that are grown nearby rather than being shipped from abroad, which also contributes to carbon emissions. Use public transport and cycles to control emissions in the environment.

4. Conserve water and energy

Even a layman knows how water conservation is important for our life on Earth. Each baby steps you take can help you save water. Replace the faucets and showerheads with low-flow models. Turn off the tap when not in use. Use newer models that are efficient at water and energy conserving.

Similarly, save energy by turning off the lights and powers when not in use. Use air-conditioning and heating judiciously. Unplug appliances that are an unnecessary wastage of energy. Small steps pile up and create a major difference and this is exactly where you are heading towards.

5. Avoid toxic chemicals

From cleaning products to toiletries, harmful chemicals lurk in almost everything. Some major toxic offenders include formaldehyde, oxybenzone, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens, and more. Don’t forget to check the list of ingredients that are being used in the product.

Switch to eco-friendly brands. Though they might be a bit pricey, they are worth each penny. Replace your home cleaning products with homemade DIY solutions.

6. Advocate for change

Each individual is responsible for the choices they make. However, we can do our own part by promoting sustainable lifestyles. Educate people, run campaigns, push your workplace to be more eco-friendly, and many more steps.

Create a better community that understands the depth of the issue and together, make the world a better and healthier place to thrive. Remember the change starts with you,


Adopting a sustainable lifestyle works like a chain, When people will witness you living a healthier lifestyle they will automatically want to follow your actions. When you make one change it will lead to the other.

Remember it is upto us to make the change! It’s time to save our ecosystem to survive and thrive.

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