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Dec 11th, 2020 by Admin

Top 5 Environmental Issues That the World Should Focus on in 2021

Our environment is crucial for the very sustenance of life on Earth. When we damage our environment with human-made waste, it leads to severe environmental issues for our planet. However, many of us aren’t giving heed to the troubles caused in the environment, which is going to be a massive problem for the generations to come.

Due to the high levels of pollution, there’s an alarming increase in environmental issues laying the way for the depletion of the natural resources. Let’s take a close look at the environmental issues and understand why it’s high time to address them.

Why Environmental Issues Should be Addressed


In a recent report by the United Nations’ World Meteorological Order (WMO), it’s found that the world is already 1.1 degrees Celsius warmer than it was during its pre-industrial years. Every single increase in the degree of heat of our Earth is a direct indicator of the level of global warming.

Based on our current emission levels, the report mentions that the planet will warm by an estimated 4 to 5 degrees Celsius by the end of the century which is going to be a devastating situation for the next generation to come.

If global warming increases by 2-degree Celsius, then:

1. There’s a 170% risk of more frequent and heavier rainfall, snowfall, and flooding,
2. 2.7 billion people around the world will be affected by heat waves every 5 years,
3. Sea levels will rise by 1.8 feet by 2100, and
4. 18% of insects, 16% of plants and 8% of vertebrates will be at risk.

With so much due to the temperature rise, it’s high time that we take concrete measures to address the situation.

5 Major Environmental Issues


If global warming is left unchecked, then here are the environmental issues that we’ll be facing.

1. Air Pollution

We’re already noticing several lung diseases due to the polluted air that we breathe. From the vehicles we drive to the manufacturing of sugar we consume every day, every one of us is contributing to air pollution. As technology develops and innovative ideas come through, there is an even more threat to the increase in air pollution in both developed and developing countries.

Solution: We can reduce air pollution starting from our homes by minimizing the usage of vehicles and carpooling whenever possible.

2. Deforestation

While we aren’t directly witnessing the consequences of deforestation, it is one of the underlying reasons for a lot of problems we face today like lack of water, imbalance in biodiversity, extinction of species and even air pollution. Due to urbanization, we’re cutting down more trees and occupying forest areas to cope up with the rise in population. As a result, we’re indirectly damaging the environment and pushing it towards a point beyond which there’s no coming back.

Solution: We can try to rebalance the deforestation by planting more trees in our surroundings and staying away from wooden products.

3. Water Pollution

The water we drink is so polluted, especially in developing countries, that it has become one of the top causes for many life-threatening diseases. As we dump lots of chemicals into the water sources like sea, river, lakes and oceans, we’re contaminating the prime source of consumption of all animals, birds and humans. Furthermore, the dumping of plastics in the ocean has become the main reason for the death of many aquatic lives.

Solution: We can start from our home by saying ‘no’ to chemical pesticides for our home gardening and switch to natural substances. We should also be cautious about dumping plastic substances in our toilets and sewage that can threaten aquatic life.

4. Ozone Layer Depletion

The depletion of the ozone layer is the main cause for the rise in skin cancer all around the world. This depletion is also the direct contributor to the increase in temperature of the Earth. So what causes ozone depletion? Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and halons which are commonly found in aerosol spray cans and refrigerants. These UV rays are also responsible for causing immune-related disorders and affect agricultural productivity.

Solution: We can limit the use of items in our household that generate CFCs and halons.

5. Loss of Biodiversity

Due to all of the above reasons, we’re noticing a sharp rise in the extinction of several species of plants, animals, birds, insects and other organisms. With each of these species playing a role in balancing the sustenance on Earth, this loss of biodiversity is creating a huge imbalance that further takes on a chain reaction. This disruption in the food chain and plant life threatens our ecosystem and can affect the main source of food and medicines.

Solution: While we, as normal human beings, cannot do anything directly to impact biodiversity, we can change our lives to make sure that we’re minimizing all of the previous four environmental concerns to impact the ecosystem.


The fate of our planet and our future generations is in the hands of the present generation. If we’re acting fast and taking a step to preserve our environment, then we would be facing serious consequences that affect our lives in many ways.

About Plastic Collectors: Plastic Collectors is a venture by a group of like-minded individuals to do something to restore the imbalance in our environment. We start with the biggest threatening issue to the environment – the plastic waste. You can too make a difference by joining us now!

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