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Oct 29th, 2020 by Admin

Water Pollution Effects: Consequences of Water Pollution

Water pollution is an increasing issue everywhere. Our Earth keeps hinting at the importance of water with extreme droughts and making us understand its necessity.

When water is crucial for the survival of the lives on our planet, why are we not taking it more seriously?

Due to the contamination of water resources, many water sources are being destroyed and made unfit to consume.

In this blog, let’s look at the top water pollution causes and its resultant effects.

Water Pollution Causes

water pollution causes

1. Chemical Dumping

Many manufacturing units are dumping the residues into the nearby water bodies. As a result, many ponds, lakes and rivers are totally contaminated, making them undrinkable.

During the rainy season, these water from the local water bodies mix, thereby, contaminating the pure water sources too.

2. Usage of Harmful Fertilizers

To keep the insects, worms and other animals out, many use harmful pesticides and fertilizers for agriculture. These fertilizers contaminate the soil and seep further down into the groundwater.

And when this groundwater mixes with the water bodies, it contaminates most drinkable water sources near the agricultural land.

3. Sewage Dumping

Did you know that 80% of all wastewater is discharged into the world’s waterways?

All this untreated and harmful wastewater is contaminating our environment as well as the water we drink. With such a huge amount of wastewater discharging into the water bodies all over the world, we can imagine how little pure water is left.

4. Plastic Pollution

Our everyday lives cannot happen without the involvement of plastic. Most of these single-use plastics, when disposed of, find their way into the rivers and oceans.

These plastics remain intact for hundreds and hundreds of years at the surface level of water bodies and prevent the sunlight from seeping inside. This leads to the formation of harmful algae and bacteria that poses a severe threat when consumed.

5. Fuel Spillages

Many cargo ships transport oil tankers from one location to another. Due to issues during the travel, there can be oil spills that pollute the water. The oil settles on the top of the water, just like most single-use plastics, and creates long-term harm to humans and animals.

6. Deforestation

Trees are one of the top reasons why many small water bodies don’t get depleted. And these small water bodies move around and get collected in the form of rivers and lakes.

However, due to deforestation, many such water bodies are depleted. That’s not all. The organic residue from cutting down the trees mixes with the water and becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

Water Pollution Effects

water pollution effect

1. Drinking Water Issues

For lives to sustain on earth, we need pure water to drink. But with the pollution of water in multiple ways, it’s becoming more challenging to find pure sources of water to drink.

Even with the hi-tech water purification systems, we are in threat of getting unclean water to drink. With our population increasing every day, water sources decreasing constantly and water pollution at its peak, we are going to reach a severe issue of drinking water supplies when unchecked.

2. Threat to the Aquatic Lives

Due to water pollution, aquatic lives are in danger. We are already noticing the extinction of many species of aquatic plants and animals. We are hearing the news of whales, sharks and many other aquatic creatures found with tonnes of plastics in their stomach.

Due to the increasing oil spillage and plastic pollution, the aquatic ecosystem’s balance is getting imbalanced, leading to a chain of adverse reactions.

3. Pollution Up the Food Chain

The microplastics that tiny organisms consume move up the chain. These organisms are consumed by small fishes, which are then eaten by large fishes. When we consume these large fishes, we accumulate these microplastics in our body, leading to severe health issues.

4. Issues in Agriculture

Water for irrigation is often obtained from the local water bodies. But when toxic chemicals contaminate these water bodies, it can damage the nutritional yield of the crops and prove harmful to the humans who consume these crops.


These are just a few of the consequences of water pollution. There are more such water pollution effects that are harmful to every life on Earth directly or indirectly. The only way to check this increasing water pollution is to make changes in our approach, right now.

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