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May 10th, 2022 by Admin

Secrets to Dishwashing Habits Without Plastics

Switching to dishwashing habits without plastics is not a quick thing. But you need to start from somewhere and thus need to take baby steps. If you are already addicted to plastic material for cleaning your dishes, it will be a difficult task for you.

So, do not try to change your habit at once.

What makes a zero-plastic routine?

For everyone process will be different. Let’s find out what works for you.

Master in a specific area and then switch to the next. In this way, you can adapt dishwashing habits without plastics in significantly less time.

From zero plastic soap bars and detergents to compostable brushes, this is your guide for plastic-free dishwashing. There are certain dishwashing plastic-free products that you can use in the kitchen. Here are some of them.

Plastic-Free Dishwashing Soaps

Plastic-Free Dishwashing Soaps

It’s a big part of plastic-free dish cleaning. Usually, dishwashing soaps contain plastic for wrapping and storage bottles. You can easily switch to the zero plastic dishwashing soap option as these dishwashing soaps are made of organic ingredients.

For some products, you will get biodegradable or plant-based packing. Here, you will choose dish soap bars and blocks, soap concentrators, liquid dish soaps, and powder dish soap. It depends on how you want to clean the dishes, and you can choose the product accordingly.

Here, options are available for both dishwasher cleaning and hand cleaning. According to your need, you can select one of the plastic-free dish soaps for cleaning utensils.

Zero Plastic Dishwashing Brushes

Zero Plastic Dishwashing Brushes

You cannot wash dishes without a brush. But do we have options for zero plastic dishwashing brushes?

Yes, there are many options available that are made of plant fibre. They are trendy yet eco-friendly options available in the market. It is plastic-free, but it is also easy to hold and lightweight. You can clean dishes without making your hands wet as the bristles get in all crannies and nooks.

Generally, they are made from bamboo. Its head is vegan and is made from plant-driven bristles. The head can go in-home composite at the end of its life. And in place of the old one, you can put a new head.

The option is a bit costly, but it will last longer. Just make it dry after using it, and do not keep it in water for a long time.

Multiple options are available for dishwashing brushes

  1. Cotton Fibre Brushes

For tricky curves and angles, you can use this brush. They are excellent for removing sticky stains. Without any scratches, you can remove stubborn stains. It is made purely from cotton and is 100% plastic-free.

  2. Pot Scrubber

The best heavy-duty dish cleaning brush is ideal for cast iron utensils. However, you can use it on pans too. Its bristles are made from palm fibre, and the handle is made of bamboo. For a longer life, dry it in an upside-down position.

  3. Brushes For Cleaning Bottles

This 100% plant-based product is tough enough to clean bottles, mason jars, coffee mugs, and glasses. When it is no longer usable and worn down, put it in the composite bin.

Plastic Free Sponge Or Loofahs

Plastic Free Sponge Or Loofahs

Plastic-free loofahs and sponges are made from fibres of the gourd. This product is less harsh on dishes and is made only from plants. After usage, it will dry fast, and at the end of its life, you can put it into the composite.

Various options are available for plastic-free loofahs and sponge

  1. Cellulose Sponges

Made from wood fibres, these sponges are less toxic, making them an ideal product of 100% plastic-free option. You can also get cellulose sponges coated with a loofah to act as a scrubbing pad.

  2. Coconut Scrub Pad

Made purely from coconut fibres, it is eco-friendly and will clean the hard stains off your dishes in no time. It will last longer and can be dried quickly.

  3. Doughnut Scrub Pad

It is again made from coconut fibres. However, these are tied around a metal wire to take the form of a doughnut. It will work well on tough stains and will leave zero scratches. You can use it on any dish material.

More Products For Dishwashing Habits Without Plastics

More Products For Dishwashing Habits Without Plastics

Apart from zero plastic soap, brushes, and scrub pads, there are many more products that you can use for plastic-free dish cleaning. These products are also made from plant-based materials or are entirely biodegradable, resulting in no pollution.

Some products are

  1. Plastic-Free Soap Containers

Usually, you will get plastic sop containers to hold your dish bar. However, you can easily switch from plastic to plant-based soap holders for utensil cleaning.

  2. Biodegradable Dishcloths

To take a step ahead in plastic-free dishwashing, you should use biodegradable dish clothes usually made from cellulose and fibre. It can be used for a long time if appropriately dried.

Wrap Up

We are not aware of how the use of plastic is increasing just by washing dishes in the kitchen. Plastic-based dish soaps, sponges, and brushes are being blindly used, polluting rivers and the environment. The ultimate reason for less plastic in the environment. All of these options can help reduce plastic usage and keep the environment clean.

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