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Apr 22nd, 2021 by Admin

Climate Crisis Will Lead to The Sea Levels Rising by at Least 20ft

Our world is heading into a grave emergency. And it’s evident from the various implications of global warming and the related climate crisis.

The recent one to lead the news is the rising sea levels due to the overheated atmosphere and melting of the ice caps. While we all know that there’s no stopping this uneventful happening right now, the real question is, at what pace will the sea levels rise?

The sea levels can rise by 20ft by 2040 and there’s a chance of increasing by 3ft by 2050. But we can never say for sure with global warming on the rise for the past few decades and various social organizations and governments fighting to curb the increase in damages to our nature.

What Will Happen When the Sea Levels Rise by 20ft?

Did you know that the seawater levels have risen by 50% in just the last two decades?

At some point in the future, we’ll register a 20ft increase in sea levels. This can happen in 100 years or 200 years, anywhere down the line. Just celebrating World Earth Day or environment day will not do the good we need to take some serious actions.

But when that issue strikes, we can expect lots of cities and land areas near the sea to be completely submerged. And this will happen gradually as the sea level increases and we can end up at such a point where our future generations have to manage this major climate crisis and fend for themselves. So what exactly will happen when the sea level rises even a little bit?

1. Lack of Drinking Water

It’s an ironic situation when the increase in seawater level would lead to a drinking water crisis.

As many land areas get submerged due to the rising sea levels, we can lose some critical freshwater sources and contaminate our existing ones. It can also lead to contamination of other drinking water reservoirs and put the whole in danger. A simple example is the coastal regions of Bangladesh, where they’re experiencing shortages of drinking and irrigation water due to the changes in aquatic ecosystems.


2. More Natural Calamities

The areas there were not previously affected by any natural calamities like hurricanes and tsunamis will have to cope with them soon enough to increase sea levels. Already, countries around the world are experiencing an increase in earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and tsunamis.

With the sea levels rising, these natural calamities can become more frequent and more intense.

3. Destruction of Many Economies

We can notice lots of factories and industrial setup in the coastal regions due to the abundance of its resources. But when the sea levels rise and occupy these coastal areas, it can lead to the destruction of these factories that served as the livelihood. And eventually, lead to crumbling economies around the world.

And the sad part here is that there’s not much we can do to safeguard these factories and recover the economies from the catastrophic damages caused by seawater occupying the land areas.

4. Increase in Refugees

As many industries will be forced to close or get damaged, there’ll be an acute case of unemployment. And this in line with the fall of various global economies.

As many people are left without jobs and houses and any other means of livelihood, the people from coastal regions have to migrate to other places just for survival and there’ll be a definite increase in the refugees.

The government of Maldives is building new artificial islands at a great expense to prepare for the increase in the sea levels and move its people there when the issue strikes. But we never know how the other governments from across the world can cope with this issue.


This climate crisis calls for quick and immediate action to curb the rising sea levels. While we can never know for sure if it can be stopped for good, taking adequate measures will give us enough time to prepare and stay ahead.

At Plastic Collectors, we’re making a difference in the world in our small way by working to eradicate plastic pollution — which is one of the essential causes for global warming and climate crisis. You can also join us to do your part in saving our world from manmade calamities.

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