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Jan 8th, 2021 by Admin

Greenhouse Gas Emissions could Lead to 4C Warmer Cities by the Century’s End

It’s becoming a common knowledge that our world’s temperature is on the steady rise. The increase in the emission of greenhouse gases has been the prime reason for it.

Recent studies suggest an alarming increase in temperature. If the current situation is left unchecked, our world would be in a delicate and difficult position soon.

In this blog, let’s address the greenhouse gases, sources, and impact on our environment.

What Are Greenhouse Gases?

The greenhouse gases are those that get trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere. As more of these gases accumulate, it gradually increases the planet’s temperature leading to global warming. This is known as the greenhouse effect.

There are many greenhouse gases, each of which stays in the atmosphere for a specific period of time. Some stay for a few years while some others remain for over a thousand years. Altogether, these gases remain for a sufficiently long period of time and create a blanket over the Earth. Some of the most popular greenhouse gases are:

1. Carbon dioxide
2. Methane
3. Nitrous oxide
4. Fluorinated gases like chlorofluorocarbons, hydrochlorofluorocarbons, and halons

Among these, carbon dioxide and methane are emitted during the burning of fossil fuels. Nitrous oxide and methane are generated from organic waste due to agriculture. The fluorinated gases are released during industrial processes.

Due to the uninhibited release of these gases for many years together, the blanket created over our Earth has thickened. It is accumulating more such greenhouse gas emissions that are leading to alarming consequences.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Up in the US


Due to the industrialization and usage of more fossil fuels, greenhouse gas emissions are higher than ever. In the US, these emissions have increased across every state, including California, known as a leader in climate change.

In research by the noted think tank, Next-10 and Beacon Economics, it’s found that the greenhouse gas emissions are up by 0.2%. The main reason for this increase is attributed to the rise in commercial sectors. They use many volatile substances that generate greenhouse gases.

In 2016, Senate Bill 32 was signed by the US states to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by the year 2030. So, if the states were to achieve this goal, they need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 4.9% in the next decade.

When the emissions are at an all-time high, it’s a big question mark for the states to reduce the emission levels.

While on hand, the industrial emissions are increasing, the emissions due to transportation have decreased. This is a step in the right direction. The states need to make such a strong move towards reducing the emissions if we want to hit the mark by 2030.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Study


In a recent study published in the journal, Nature Climate Change, it’s found that the urban areas can increase by 4.4 degrees in the 21st century if greenhouse gas emissions are at high levels.

This study comes at a time when the predicted temperature increase due to the greenhouse gases for the months of June, July and August is 2.5 degree higher. This increase in temperature was observed in the cities in the mid-to-northern part of the US, southern Canada, Europe, the Middle East, northern Central Asia and northwestern China.

The prediction for the increase in the temperature was calculated based on the incremental calculations of the past temperature findings. More than 50% of the world’s population living in the cities and over 70% of the population predicted to live in the cities by 2050. This predicted increase in the temperature can be fatal for the lives on Earth.

The study found that almost all cities, except those in the coastal regions, will have lower relative humidity during the mid-year months towards the end of the 21st century. This means that the heat stress in the cities will be significantly higher for cities in mid to low altitudes.


The greenhouse gas emissions have been threatening the survival of the lives on our planet. If left unchecked, it could lead to disastrous results from which there’s no coming back.

The only solution to this problem?

Converting to green infrastructure and clean economy.

With trees providing shades, we can reduce the temperature in the urban areas and make a small dent in the impact of greenhouse gases. And with a clean economy that gives no room to generate greenhouse gases, our world can revive back and reduce the consequences.

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