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Sep 25th, 2020 by Admin

The Causes and Solutions for Global Warming

The signs are all there. The world is changing at a rapid pace, for worse. Global warming is threatening the very place we live and it’s only a matter of time until we can do something about it.

How have we come to such a position? Is there something we can do to stop it?

Yes, we can. But before we find out the solutions for global warming, we need to understand its causes.

Causes of Global Warming

global warming causes

Our Earth goes through a natural phenomenon, the greenhouse effect, through which it reflects back the heat from the Earth into the atmosphere. However, the reflected heat is now absorbed back into the Earth due to several human activities leading to climate change and global warming. So what are these activities that have contributed to global warming? Let’s find out.

1. Usage of Fossil Fuels

The burning of coal, oil and natural gas is, of course, one of the top reasons for global warming. When these fossil fuels are burnt, it releases carbon dioxide as well as nitrous oxide in some cases into the atmosphere, which are one among the greenhouse gases that are increasing the temperature of the Earth.

2. Toxic Waste Disposal

The way in which we dispose of waste has a strong impact on our environment and the planet. The waste getting filled in landfills or burnt in incinerators releases enormous amounts of greenhouse gases like methane that directly contribute to global warming.

3. Deforestation

Trees are one of the biggest regulators of carbon dioxide. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and give out oxygen. This way, it can hugely decrease the amount of CO2 from the Earth’s atmosphere.

However, with the increase of deforestation, this reduction in the percentage of CO2 is lost. This again leads to a significant increase in carbon dioxide, and thus global warming.

4. Usage of Fertilizers

Many decades back, people used the natural fertilizers for farming that didn’t harm the soil as well as the food produced. However, with the new intensive farming practices that quickly rose to popularity in the last few decades, we have been using chemical fertilizers. Such fertilizers produce nitrous oxide, which is also a huge contributor to greenhouse gases.

5. Overexploitation of Natural Resources

All these years, we have been taking the natural resources available for granted. From the fuels and metals we get to the water we drink, we were using them recklessly. And now this very action has become a reason for global warming. The overexploitation of natural resources has contributed either to the emissions of greenhouse gases or inhibiting the neutralizers of greenhouse gases. Either way, it has become one of the top reasons for increasing greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere.

Solutions for Global Warming

solutions for global warming

Since it’s clear that humans play a major part in global warming, we can do a lot of things to minimize it. Here are a few essential solutions for global warming:

1. Adopting Energy-Efficient Technologies

We have reached a situation where we cannot imagine our lives without power. However, we can minimize the consumption of natural resources for generating energy. When we use energy-efficient technologies to get the same comfort level, we can do our part in cutting down further generation of greenhouse gases.

2. Moving Towards Renewable Energy

Since fossil fuels are a major reason for global warming, we can ditch the usage of such energy and move to renewable ones. Renewable energy can be in the form of solar, wind, geothermal or bioenergy. It has a huge potential to stop doing more harm to the planet. Also, it’s cost-efficient and does not cause pollution and therefore, it’s a win-win situation for everyone!

3. Preferring Carbon-Neutral or Carbon-Negative Products

Many researches are going into the development of low-carbon or zero-carbon technologies and products. The concept of carbon-neutral or carbon-negative is swiftly on the rise now. By becoming carbon-neutral, a country, a company, or a product generates zero carbon emissions. Carbon-negative is another concept where the company or country is going a step above and minimizing the percentage of carbon in the atmosphere than it previously was.

You can switch to make your home or area carbon-neutral or carbon-negative too. You can also support companies that have become carbon-neutral or carbon-negative.

4. Choosing Greener Transportation

The transportation sector is contributing hugely to the emission of greenhouse gases. You can switch to using energy-efficient solutions like low-carbon fuels or electric vehicles. If not, you can at least minimize the amount of fuel you’re consuming and switch to more carpooling, walking, cycling and using public transportation more than going by your individual vehicle.


Adopting to a new world takes a lot of time. But the present condition of our planet is at a critical stage that we have to take action now instead of speaking about it.

About Plastic Collectors: At Plastic Collectors, we have come together to check this increase in global warming. We are a group of motivated people who want to show in our actions that our Earth can be a better place than how we’re treating it currently. Many people from all over the world are joining our initiative to reduce the effect of global warming on our planet. If you’re interested, you can too join us and become a part of the solution.

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