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Sep 11th, 2020 by Admin

Climate Change Solutions: Things you can do to stop Global Warming

Recently, we are seeing an increase in global conversations about climate change. From multinational corporations to kids in schools, climate change solutions is becoming a topic that can’t be ignored.

Climate change is the ground reason for most of the imbalances in our nature. It’s the cause and effect of various issues we are facing in the past few decades. Due to climate change, global warming is at its all-time peak recently, which is causing harm to the living creatures on earth. From animals and plants becoming extinct to humans suffering from many natural calamities, the list of issues with global warming is steadily increasing.

Let’s understand more about climate change, its effects, and what we can do about it.

What Is Climate Change?


Simply put, climate change is the change in our earth’s weather conditions for a long time. Ever since the past few years, the temperature at which our earth is getting warmed up is increasing faster than ever.

So, how does this happen? Our earth has a specific way of maintaining its temperature through the right combination of greenhouse gases. When there’s an issue in the balance of the greenhouse gases generated, it gets settled up higher in the atmosphere. As a result, the sun rays that gets reflected back into space usually are absorbed by these greenhouse gases present and reflecting it back again towards our earth.

In the same manner, two-thirds of the warming has occurred since 1975 at a rate of roughly 0.15-0.20°C per decade. According to Earth Observatory NASA, since 1880, our earth’s temperature has increased a little more than 1° Celsius.

If the same trend continues, we will be facing a lot more adverse effects of nature than we are facing now.

The Effects of Climate Change


There are one or two effects of climate change. There are so many with so local to the regions while some more effects are noticed globally.

1. Increase in the Temperature

Of course, this is the very first effect of climate change. When not stopped, the whole planet’s temperature will continue to rise and it won’t just increase as the previous years. Due to the increase in the usage of fossil fuels, the curve of the temperature rise curve will be sharper than any of the decades before.

2. Increase in Sea Levels

Did you know that the global sea levels have increased by about 8 inches ever since humans began maintaining records in 1880? Due to global warming, the glaciers are melting that’s causing an increase in sea levels. By 2100, it’s expected that the sea levels will rise another 1 to 4 feet.

This rising of sea levels is threatening the lives of people living in coastal cities all around the world. In fact, there are a lot of predictions going around about the cities that will go underwater due to the increase in sea levels.

3. Increase in Heat Waves and Droughts

Since the temperatures are rising, drier regions are subjected to intense heat waves and droughts. The summers of many areas are becoming hotter than the previous years and there is, in fact, a rise in the loss of lives due to such heatwaves.

4. Stronger Hurricanes

The frequency and the intensity of the hurricane has been hitting a high since the 1980s. Yet again, the powerful hurricanes are leading to high rainfall that results in loss of lives and damages to natural resources.

While these are some of the direct effects of climate change, some of the most obvious yet indirect results are:

1. Increase in water crisis
2. Shortage of natural resources, including food
3. Increase of many new pathogens
4. Increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide that’s impacting the living organisms
5. Loss of balance in biodiversity.

Climate Change Solutions


We have reached an alarming and precarious stage in the climate change of our world. If we don’t do something fast, we could create havoc on the natural balance of the planet from which there’s no coming back.

Here are a few climate change solutions to save our planet from the implications of climate change and global warming.

1. Switch to Renewable Energy

When we use the power generated through coal, we are indirectly contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. Alternatively, we can switch to solar power at our homes or change electricity providers to a company that provides renewable energy without generating greenhouse gases.

2. Change Your Eating Habits

Did you know that eating meat is adding to greenhouse gas emissions?

You can cut back on eating meat and buy products with less or no plastic, which yet again contributes to the generation of greenhouse gases.

3. Save Water

With water scarcity becoming a reality and many countries worldwide suffering from the lack of proper drinking water, it’s our basic duty to reduce our water consumption as much as possible.

4. Go for Recycled Products

Plastic is one strong contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. So, instead of using plastic or other similar harmful products to the environment, you can go for plastic recycled products or other better eco-friendly alternatives for plastics alternatives.

5. Make Sustainable Choices

Sustainable living is something that some are beginning to practice. By cutting down the usage of cars and other vehicles by switching off appliances and saving electricity whenever possible and decreasing the usage of appliances contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, we can conduct a sustainable living and help our planet from global warming.

Key Takeaways

1. Climate change is leading to a sharp increase in temperature and in natural calamities all around the world.
2. It is also becoming a root cause of the shortage in the basic necessities for humans like water and food.
3. We can do our part for climate change by converting to eco-friendly and sustainable measures.

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