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May 21st, 2020 by Admin

Plastic on Beaches : How to organize a Beach Cleanup

It is not a rare sight to go to a beach these days to only find plastic strewn about everywhere. What is worse is to see such a situation and not be fazed by it at all. This unpleasant sight of seeing our natural landscapes polluted by plastic on beaches is now so common that we have almost accepted it as our lives.

But you know what? Sometimes, we just have to take matters in our own hands and try to make a difference, because you never know how our actions may influence others and cause a chain reaction of positive events that will make a bigger impact.

Beach cleanups are one way that we can get people involved and help make them more aware and mobilize them. These beach cleanups have been organized all around the world and the results of these have been quite wonderful! While it only touches the tip of the iceberg, the point is that every small action and every person can make a massive difference. We just need to come together and push each other!

The problem of plastic pollution on beaches


We all go to the beach to get away from the chaos and noise of city life. It has been proven that the ocean sounds can have a very positive effect on our minds, which is why people love going to the beach. It is a great stress reliever and anxiety reducer.

The issue of plastic pollution has been taking over all the beaches of the world. This is partly because people visiting the beaches often mindlessly throw their trash on the beach without much care. While this does contribute to the problem, the bigger issue here is that about 7 billion tons of debris are deposited on beaches each year. Also, all the trash is thrown into the oceans and often ends up being washed up onto the beach. Tackling the challenging task of cleaning up beach waste requires the expertise of cleaning professionals specializing in extreme cleaning services. With their help, the daunting task of removing all the accumulated waste from the beach can be effectively addressed, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for everyone to enjoy.

All the debris deposited on the beach is not only a great health hazard to all humans who frequent the beach, but it also messes with the marine biodiversity and kills millions of sea creatures as well.

As we know that plastic does not biodegrade, the plastic that piles up in oceans ends up releasing toxins into the water, causing severe harm to all the marine life. The only way to fight this issue is by cleaning up all the plastic that we find on the beach and preventing it from going into our oceans. While this may seem like a daunting task for a person to handle by themselves, it can be done easily when we have a group of motivated people helping us out.

Why are beach cleanups important?


A beach cleanup is an event that has become very popular all over the world. Basically, it is a volunteer-driven program where people who care about environmental issues and plastic pollution come together to mobilize people in their area to take some time out and help clean up all the trash on beaches.

It is a regular event that takes place all over the coastlines of the world, and it also acts as a great way to build connections and a community of eco-conscious citizens. A great way to socialize and network with like-minded people, beach cleanups are one effective way we can get regular beachgoers to care and also use this time to spread awareness about the plastic problem that is constantly on the rise.

Beach cleanups also help keep track and notice all the trends that are relevant to the beaches and to see if the situation has improved or not. The plastic straw awareness campaign was a result of one of the beach cleanups itself, where people noticed that plastic straws made up for majority of the plastic trash on beaches. These straws became the leading cause of death of marine animals by choking and strangulation.

Benefits of beach cleanups

1. Cleaning up of coastlines
2. Economic benefits as coastal and marine waters support about 28 million jobs in the US alone
3. Great way to mobilize local communities
4. Awareness regarding plastic pollution
5. Conserving marine biodiversity

How to organize a beach cleanup


Why should you wait around for a beach cleanup to be held when you can organize your own beach cleanup? It really isn’t very difficult, just follow the steps and you will be able to be the change-maker you have always wanted to be.

1. Select a beach

Do your research and find a beach in your area that is desperately in need of beach cleanup. Make sure that the beach you are selecting is accessible for all. If it is too far off, you may not be able to get the kind of footfall you expect.

2. Schedule a date and time

We suggest that you go for a weekend so that people are free to attend. Early mornings work best because that is the time when the sun is not too harsh and there aren’t too many people compared to evenings. Also, have a look at the tidal charts just to be sure and to ensure everyone stays safe.

3. Get all the required permissions you need

Beaches are public places so you will have to work on getting permissions at least one week prior to the selected date. This way you will not be face with any interruptions on the final day.

4. Promote to gather volunteers

Spread this event on all your social media, and convince your friends and family to share as well. Identify groups of people who will find this interesting, reach out to them and ask them to spread the word as well. This is crucial to make sure that you have enough volunteers at the beach so that you can create the maximum impact.

5. Sort out all the logistics for a smooth beach cleanup

Make sure you have enough tools like gloves, trash bags, trash sticks, rakes, and other items. A first aid kit will also come handy. Keep enough water and sunscreen as well. Also, make sure that you have a plan for segregating the trash that you all would have collected. This step is essential and cannot be ignored.

All the plastic can be sent to a plastic recycling center. The feeling you get after seeing a clean beach is just incomparable!

In conclusion, beach cleanups are essential and can also be a fun way to rid the ocean of some percentage of plastic trash. We need more and more of these all around the world.

About Plastic Collectors : Plastic Collectors is an initiative that spreads awareness about the plastic issue that is currently plaguing our planet. They encourage citizens to collect plastic trash and send it over to their nearest plastic recycling center for monetary compensation. Plastic Collectors have also organized multiple beach cleanups all around the world. Here is how you can join the cause to fight plastic pollution.

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