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Jul 20th, 2021 by Admin

The Harmful Effect Of Drinking Water In Plastic Bottles

In recent years, we saw a rise in awareness campaigns about the harmful effects of drinking water in plastic bottles and how it affects the environment. Despite these campaigns, there is still no drop in the usage of plastic water bottles. The use of plastic bottles is rising, as Americans are still using 50 billion plastic bottles on an average per year. 

Even though the recycling process is now more accessible than in the olden days, 90% of these bottles are not recycled. They end up in oceans and landfills. Due to these plastic bottles entering the ocean, more than a million marine creatures are killed every year due to plastic ingestion.

These environmental effects should make us switch to reusable water bottles and avoid drinking water in plastic bottles. Many health concerns arise due to drinking water in plastic bottles. Below mentioned pointers will give you an insight into the process of plastic bottles degrading the quality of water and ultimately causing adverse effects on our health.

Where do these plastic bottles come from?

plastic bottle water

Many people who choose to drink water in plastic bottles prefer them because of the assumption that the water is of high quality in these bottles. Most advertisements of the plastic water bottles show that the water is taken straight from mountains to show that their water is of esteem quality than regular tap water.

However, taking water from springs is rare. The water in these bottles is taken from similar sources to your state’s water supply. The only difference is the branding of the bottle.

Is the water filtered?

Many water bottle companies ignore the basic water filtration process that makes the water safe for consumption while manufacturing these bottles. These bottles are manufactured on a large scale and it is impossible to maintain quality.

Some studies have shown that drinking water in plastic bottles is more unsafe than drinking tap water. The municipal water supply that is in your home is highly regulated and filtered to remove as many contaminants as possible. Whereas, plastic water bottles have water that is not regulated as much.

Bottled water has toxins from plastic!

The chemicals that are used to make them involve one major risk associated with drinking water in plastic bottles is that you may ingest harmful toxins. Some of the toxins like coliform, arsenic, fluoride, nitrates, and iron are present in large quantities. These toxins enter the water over time and you are at risk of drinking harmful water. We all tend to get the bitter taste in packaged water from time to time.

It happens mostly in the case of old bottles or plastic bottles that are exposed to heat. Consumption of these toxins will lead to severe health problems like cancer, kidney and liver problems. Even though the long-term effects of these toxins on your body are not yet discovered, the accumulation of these toxins in your body will make you vulnerable to many diseases.

They can cause development and fertility issues!

Fertility issue

Even though many manufacturers are claiming that they are selling BPA-free plastic water bottles, it is still found in bottles made up of type 7 plastic. BPA is a harmful substance that acts as faux-estrogen. When BPA is consumed in the water from leaching plastic, it has the potential to cause chromosomal abnormalities, which result in birth defects and developmental issues in children.

Estrogen in BPA can cause fertility issues in both men and women. If pregnant women are drinking water in plastic bottles, then it could lead to future problems in children like hyperactive disorders, increased risk for certain cancer, and early onset of puberty.

Increased disease rates in adults

The toxins in these plastic water bottles will increase the risk of many diseases in adults. People who drink water in plastic bottles and especially those people who have higher BPA concentration in their urine are three times more likely to be a victim of cardiovascular diseases and 2.4 times more likely to catch type 2 diabetes than normal people.

The BHPF is another compound found in these toxins, which is just as dangerous as BPA. Thus, it is safer to drink tap water than the water from plastic bottles.

It could cause weight gain!

If you are on a diet to lose weight and find that nothing is working, you might be surprised that it is because you are drinking water in plastic bottles. The BPA and BPHS in plastic water bottles have huge effects on estrogen levels in men and women. 

This severe effect on our hormone levels is linked to weight management issues. Exposure to these toxins affects the rate at which fat is stored in our body along with where it is stored resulting in weight gain.

You could be consuming microplastic!

Microplastics are minute pieces of plastic that are about 5mm long. These microplastics are found in a wide range of products like cosmetic products, where they are used as exfoliants in facial scrubs.

By drinking water in plastic bottles, you are at risk of consuming these microplastics. Bottles of water not only absorb toxins from plastic but it contains the plastic itself in it. A study by the World Health Organization has found that 93% of the popular water bottle brands have water that contains plastic fibers.

Reusing plastic bottles is still harmful!

People have started to reuse their plastic water bottles to reduce their effects on the environment. However, it may seem like a good plan. Reusing a single-use water bottle can be dangerous.

When you reuse a plastic water bottle, you are increasing the risk of drinking more toxins and microplastics from the bottle. Additionally, the structure of these bottles makes it impossible to clean them. Because of the soft plastic material, these bottles are made up of, they are a perfect place for bacteria to breed. Therefore, it is better to avoid reusing plastic water bottles.

Considering the risks that drinking water in plastic bottles imposes, it is better to invest in a reusable water bottle and a water filtration system in your home. If you want to recycle the plastic in your home and contribute to the environment, you can reach out to us at our website plastic collectors.

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