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Oct 9th, 2020 by Admin

Environmental Conservation: Why You Should Become a Volunteer

Global warming. Forest fires. Extreme hurricanes. Tsunamis. The list goes on. Our world is getting damaged every second due to manmade reasons.

When left unchecked, we can never fully comprehend the rising crisis of the environment that’s evident through various calamities happening around the world. From the air we breathe to the water we drink is becoming impure as time goes by.

Unless we take immediate action, our world could cross the point, after which there’s no chance of returning.

What Is Environmental Conservation and Why Is It Important?

environmental volunteering

Protecting our environment and salvaging it from the previous worse consequences of mankind is what environmental conservation is all about. Simply put, it’s the act of preserving our environment.

Our world has come to such a situation wherein we have to protect the very nature that’s the primary source of lives. Due to the unsustainable natural resources, the release of greenhouse gases, landfills, etc., we face acute environmental degradation.

Earth’s resources and quickly becoming depleted and those natural resources we took for granted are becoming numbered. Environmental degradation can be in many forms:

1. Land degradation due to poor farming practices and dumping of toxic waste
2. Pollution of water bodies due to industrial waste
3. Atmospheric degradation due to the release of harmful gases and deforestation

Due to such extreme human actions, we are suffering from climate change that’s becoming the biggest threat to every life on Earth.

If this continues, it could lead to the collapse of the ecosystem and result in extreme conditions that could prove problematic for humans to live with ease. Imagining the next generation struggling to get pure air to breathe and crystal water to drink is a scary thought.

What Will You Do as an Environmental Conservation Volunteer?

You can become an Environmental Conservation Volunteer to help our planet restore itself. As an Environmental Conservation Volunteer, you can dedicate your time and effort to several causes from around the world. Typically, there are four broad fields you can choose from: Reforestation, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Agriculture & Nature Conservation.

To get a better sense of what you’ll be doing as a part of these projects, here are some of the top volunteer programs:

1. Cleaning the plastic from the beaches, oceans, rivers and other water bodies.
2. Monitoring wildlife and aquatic life.
3. Help people in backward regions with renewable power.
4. Volunteer in an eco-conscious farm
5. Plant trees to combat air pollution and soil erosion
6. Promote ecotourism
7. Teach sustainable farming methods
8. Educate local communities about the eco-friendly approach
9. Raise awareness about recycling and establish programs
10. Help reduce the waste in local communities

These are just some of the main projects happening around the world to preserve the environment. You can choose one cause that’s close to your heart and invest time and energy in making a difference.

Benefits of Volunteering

environmental conservation volunteer

When you participate as a volunteer to conserve our environment, you’re becoming a part of the solution instead of the problem. You can directly make an impact on our environment and could increase the long-term survival of mankind.

There are several ways you can make an impact by volunteering. First of all, when you stay in a community to volunteer, you’re contributing to the local economy. You can directly work with the local people present and educate them about the environment. You may also get a chance to work with the children and enlighten them about proper education.

Apart from these, here are the benefits of volunteering.

1. The Satisfaction of Making a Mark in the Society

When you help out the people and the environment, it gives you immense pleasure and satisfaction like no other. Knowing that your work will make a mark in the future, your contribution to a valuable cause will be one of your most cherished memories.

2. Cross-Cultural Learning

When you volunteer in a different country or even continent, you live with the local people, eat the local food, and participate in the local activities. You can get a deep sense of their culture and you can also teach them your culture in return.

Further, since you stay with volunteers worldwide, you get exposed to different cultures contributing to extensive learning. You can also meet like-minded people and make good friends. You get to do things that you cannot do in a normal job and experience a whole new life with the locals and your volunteer friends.

3. Gain Volunteering Experience

Many students also become a volunteer to get the international work experience and in the meantime, make a difference in the community. Various colleges and universities around the world accept volunteering experience as an internship. It’s also highly valued by future employers.

4. Obtain a New Perspective on Life and World

We cannot tell you how much volunteers have seen themselves grow and change during their volunteering period. By staying in a local community, getting out of your comfort zone and working every day for the greater good is an experience that brings a whole new perspective for many.

5. Travel All Around the World

When you participate in multiple volunteer programs, you get a chance to travel the world. Since most volunteer programs offer stay and food, you can create a meaningful experience out of volunteering.


If you’re interested in doing something for the environment and feeling that personal satisfaction, then becoming an Environmental Conservation Volunteer is a great job for you. With various flexible volunteer programs available worldwide, you can choose the one depending on the location and the cause and begin your journey.

About Plastic Collectors: To help our Earth heal from humans’ actions, a group of motivated people came together to start ‘Plastic Collectors’ to clean our environment all over the world. At Plastic Collectors, we are working with the single aim of restoring our planet as much as possible. If you’re worried, like us, about the way our environment is becoming, it’s time to take matters into our own hands and become the change. Join the cause to learn about how you can contribute.

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