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Dec 4th, 2020 by Admin

UN to Create Global Coalition for Carbon Neutrality in 2021

“The planet is broken”, said the UN Chief, António Guterres to Columbia University in New York just a few days back.

In this speech, Guterres spoke about the danger our planet is in and about the need for sustainable development to fix the rising, alarming issues and eliminate some of the common threats all over the world: poverty, food security and peace.

This comes at a time when climate change is the biggest issue for all lives on Earth. Various governments are actively taking steps to mitigate the rising causes that contribute to global warming. With stringent regulations for the release of carbon gases into the atmosphere, the government is trying to curb and postpone the uneventful — wrecking our planet beyond the point of turning back.

Many companies have also become environment-conscious and are trying to become carbon negative or carbon neutral.

What Is Carbon Neutrality?

carbon emission

Carbon neutrality is achieved when the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere is absorbed in the same amount through carbon sinks. Carbon negative is when more amount of carbon is absorbed from the atmosphere than the amount emitted.

Many companies try to net carbon zero emissions. But due to unavoidable reasons, they may not be able to achieve that. In such cases, companies try to negate the amount of carbon emitted by conducting several activities that absorb an equivalent amount of carbon back through carbon sinks. This is often called carbon offsetting.

Why Is It Important?

The increase in the emission of carbon is one of the prime reasons for the increase in global warming. If carbon emissions are left unchecked, it can lead to serious consequences for the planet. This is why the concept of carbon neutral and carbon negative was introduced. Carbon neutral sets a limit for businesses to watch over their carbon emissions and take steps to curb it or at the very least, offset their emissions through eco-friendly activities.

Nowadays, many countries from all around the world are stressing companies to stay within the limits of carbon emissions. When industries aren’t able to do that, they can offset the carbon by engaging in activities that absorb the carbon back.

Recently, the European Union (EU) has agreed that all member states should become carbon neutral by 2050 by taking ambitious steps to curb carbon emissions. Already many countries in the EU have been imposing stringent regulations for companies to cut down the carbon emissions and offset whatever they can’t to reduce or at least maintain the overall amount of carbon in the atmosphere.

Out of the 27 EU countries, five countries — Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany and Hungary — have officially made it a target to become carbon neutral by law.

Global Coalition for Carbon Neutrality

antonio gutierrez

During his address to Columbia University, Guterres stressed the importance of taking immediate actions and working towards the main aim of creating a sustainable planet.

“We are facing a devastating pandemic, new heights of global heating, new lows of ecological degradation and new setbacks in our work towards global goals for more equitable, inclusive and sustainable development. To put it simply, the state of the planet is broken,” he said.

He also mentioned that the United Nations would make net zero emissions a priority by the year 2021. Guterres said that it should be a top priority for everyone to “make peace with nature”.

Guterres spoke about the importance of carbon neutrality and said that it was the central objective of the United Nations for 2021. “I firmly believe that 2021 can be a new kind of leap year — the year of a quantum leap towards carbon neutrality,” he mentioned.

With the EU already taking steps to become carbon neutral by 2050, Guterres appealed to every country to reduce the emissions of harmful gases by 45% by 2030. Guterres also spoke about keeping the temperature checked below the 1.5-degree increase, which is the point after which global warming can become irreversible. He said that the countries supplying fossil fuel were planning to increase the supply by 2% by 2030, which is the opposite of what we need to do right now.


Moving towards a carbon-neutral goal is the best thing we can do to protect our planet. With the UN Chief speaking about the alarming situation we’re entering, it’s time for every nation, every business and every person to contribute their part to prevent the worse.

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